Why is the wedding food so expensive?

Many people have related differently to weddings across the world which has led to different opinions. Expensive food at a wedding has now become more of a tradition as compared to an expectation. Though it is a one-day event, it takes more time for planning and budgeting just to ensure everything is in order. One factor that has made the whole event look different from the expectation is the food that is taken during the wedding.

To match the occasion with the foot that is taken on the big day, food has always taken a bigger portion of the wedding budget. This is to help keep with the norm that guests must be given the best during the wedding hence it comes as a burden to the hosts. The focus, therefore, builds in providing some of the beast meals which are naturally expensive. The expensive food during weeding, therefore, has more to do with pleasing the guest as the tradition demands than offering what is convenient.