Top 3 Thai Breakfast Dishes

Thailand is a country that’s known for its unique culture but if you haven’t had the chance to visit this popular destination, don’t let it stop you from tasting some of these popular Thai breakfast dishes:


Head to your local Thai restaurant or create a breakfast dish called ‘Joke’. No, that is not a misprint; it is a delightful dish comprising of rice, porridge and pork.

Khao Mun Khai

If the joke is excessively stodgy for you, try Khao Mun Khai which is a basic chicken and rice dish that is sure to kick start your day.

Kai Jee-o

If you’re a little bit out the type of sorts and are searching for something more Western, order Kai Jee-o which is an omelette dish that packs plenty of flavour. It’s a big favourite among European backpackers who are travelling throughout Thailand.