Top 3 dessert options for a work event

Catering for a business event can be a big challenge for any caterer, that’s why making the desserts as simple and tasty as possible is so important.

When it comes to desserts at a large corporate event, you want to be able to please any dietary requirements, make them as tasty as possible, and of course as easy to prepare and serve to the guests. We have outlined 3 main dessert options for your next catering event:

Gluten and dairy free chocolate brownie- This is always a winner, for those with the dietary requirements and for those simply looking for a chocolate fix. They are easy to bake, store and serve, perfect!

Small fruit salad- Small individual bowels with fruit salad and a drizzle of honey for those guests looking for a light and healthy dessert option.

Shortbread fingers- This rich taste will satisfy the guests in one bite. You could even dip half of each finger into some dark chocolate for an even richer taste.