Planning a memorable awards ceremony

Organising a memorable awards ceremony can be a pretty big undertaking. This ceremony aims to recognise the achievements of other individuals on your team that have excelled in their roles. You need to make it a moment of beauty for the recipients but also make it enjoyable and worthwhile to all the spectators to keep them entertained thereby preventing them from getting bored when listening to various speeches, and we know many of these can ‘drag on’!

Below are the factors to consider when planning a memorable awards ceremony:

Choose a suitable venue

Choosing a suitable venue is one primary consideration you should put your focus on. Places such as offices or lecture halls at a campus or college are not magnificent for such events. Consider a venue which has a good reputation and has some historical significance or is known for hosting various celebrities parties. Award ceremonies need to be held in cool places which are highly equipped with facilities such as stage and podium for speakers.


Entertainment is one of the critical things to focus on when planning an award ceremony. Most of the attendants are not the one being honoured and sometimes they are not aware of people being honoured. These people may end up losing interest quickly.

Food and drinks

Eating is also a form of entertainment, so it’s necessary to supply attendants with adequate food and drinks. Although the main aim of this ceremony is to honor the recipients, the event may not be pleasing if attendees are not served with various beverages and food varieties. Food is an important idea to put much emphasis on when planning an awards ceremony. If the event lasts for long hours, then you need to prepare enough food for all the attendees.

Setting a budget

When planning for an award ceremony then you should set your budget. Avoid setting a fixed budget because sometimes you may be required to do some alterations relating to food prices and also acquiring premises for an event host.

So there, you have it, if you are considering planning an awards ceremony, or are considering conference venues Milton Keynes, it’s important to ensure you do your homework from the very beginning. Once you know how many people are coming, when the event will be, and the facilities that are needed, you can begin to organise and execute your ceremony to perfection!

You may also want to consider the budget you need during the early stages of planning. It’s important to speak to your manager or directors to understand what is available, but of course, there will be some return on investment, as you may be able to increase your brand recognition by publishing stories in the press after the event. So you should just think of it as a wasted budget, it should help you scale and grow your business, whilst rewarding your employees for their hard work. Planning an awards ceremony all by yourself is a big task, but with good planning I’m sure you’ll absolutely nail it.