Organising your Catering Event

When you’re planning a catering event, perhaps a dinner party, a BBQ or a hog roast, it’s important you do your homework first. You need to know how many people are coming, dietary requirements, the amount of food you need to order, and the equipment you need to make the dishes.

When you get each of these different aspects nailed, you’ll feel a lot more confident and you can start organising a plan. To make sure the courses come out on time, you need to know how long each course is going to take, and you can then create a schedule for each of the courses. People won’t want to be left waiting for meals, and they’re going to expect a nice portion size and good quality food.

Drinks are also going to be important and the great thing is these can usually be prepared before hand, so you could create a large batch of cocktails the night before.