Management of pine floorboards in your kitchen

Pine which also goes by the name redwood is one of the most fashionable and easily accessible woods for making floorboards. In order to get the most out of your pine floorboards, especially in terms of beauty and elegance, one has to care for them to avoid wearing of over time. The following methods can help you take care of the pine floorboards in your home.

1). Vacuum clean your floor regularly especially in places that you consider to be most accessed by people. This is to avoid the build up of particles over periods of time that may end up scratching the surface of your pine floorboards.

2). Use protective films on your windows to prevent direct sunlight rays hitting your pine floorboards. This is essentially because the pinewood tends to age faster over time when constantly hit with direct UV lights.

3). Always wipe up spills in time when they occur. This will help prevent occurrence of stained patches around the house when spills soak into the pine dashboards.

4). When sticky substance like chewing gum fall on the dashboards try to harden them with ice before scraping them out with a plastic material. However, do not scrap very hard, to avoid scratching the surface.

5). Invest in some quality mats that will offer that protective layer to your pine floorboards and also add protective pads to some of your heavy furniture so as to reduce the stress exerted on the floorboards. Place mats also on the entrance and exits of the house so as to make sure unwanted particles do not make way into the house through unclean shoes.

6). Avoid walking on your floor with shoes that may be spiked or heels that are damaged. They may cause scratches on the floor surface leaving some unpleasant markings that don’t preserve the beauty of your pine floorboards.

In conclusion it is good to note that pine floorboards are very long lasting, it all comes down to how best you preserve them. What you’re really trying to do, is make sure the true quality of the pine comes through at al times, and that’s simply not going to happen if you leave them to pick up scratches, blemishes and cracks. One of the top advantages of pine is that it’s relatively cheap when compared to solid oak but you still get a delightful quality that stands the test of time, so we want to make sure that’s on show in our homes. Guests should be envious when they come round, or perhaps just impressed, but with quality pine it’s easy to make an impact in your home, especially if you’re cleaning the floorboards and finishing them on a regular basis.

Make sure you put in the work and you will soon reap the rewards. Many of these tips can also be applied to other woods such as solid oak and engineered oak.