Making Healthy Food More Appealing To Children

It is extremely important that children eat there 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. But, this can be extremely difficult, as children can be more attracted to other foods which are sweeter. We are going to look into some ways which you can make healthy foods more appealing to children.

One way which you can make healthy foods more appealing to children is by becoming more creative. Rather than cutting the apple into normal slices, try cutting them into a french fry shape or different shapes. Children will prefer eating foods in different shapes than normal.

Another way to encourage children to eat their fruit and veg is by offering them it with every meal. Allow them to decide when they want to eat it. Also if they are after a snack offer them fruit or veg.

You should also lead an example. If they see you always eating unhealthy foods they will want to copy. Having similar to them will make them know that it is a food they should be eating.