Making a perfect cheeseburger

The best food can often be the most simple. That’s certainly the case with cheeseburgers and we’re going to give you some top tips.

  1. Buy quality mince.
  2. Don’t add anything to the meat other than salt and pepper.
  3. Make large patties so they’re not too thin.
  4. Cook them on a griddle and treat the burgers like a steaks. We reccomend medium.
  5. Melt the cheese on the burger when the cooking time (5 minutes or so) is coming to an end.
  6. Slice your toppings so they’re nice and thin.
  7. Always toast the bun.
  8. Coat each side in ketchup.
  9. Never forget the pickle.
  10. Serve with homemade fries

So many people add egg, flour or onions to their burger mix but there really isn’t any need. If you follow our ten steps you’ll have yourself a great tasting burger, and they should only take 10-15 minutes to cook.