How has shopping changed in 2020?

Shopping has changed dramatically between the start of 2020 and now. We have seen many changes in our stores, from normality to no groceries on shelves and queuing to enter. But what is grocery shopping like now?

Grocery shopping is slowly heading back to normality. There are not as many restrictions on products. You can buy what you would normally. There are groceries on the shelves too.
You may find that you still need to queue to enter the store. However, this may not be as long of a wait, but it may still be there. This is to still help keep everyone safe.
Card payments are also still preferred in shops. This is again to keep workers and yourself safe. Whilst on the topic of checking out, you may notice that they have installed screen between you and the cashier. This is again to help keep everyone safe and stop the spread of germs.