Halloween treats for the whole family

With Halloween coming up, hosting a themed party for the children has never been easier. Hosting a Halloween party is a great way to celebrate this holiday tradition without going to all the houses on the street.

With decorations sorted, you can move onto the catering options for a scary party, so here are a few of our favourites:

Pumpkin dip- Buy a couple of small pumpkins, cut the top off and keep for a lid. Scrap the inside out, and simply fill with a tasty hummus dip, and surround with some carrot of bread sticks.

Mummified sausages- Wrap some sausages in pastry to look like they have been wrapped like a mummy. Make sure you leave an area to cut out some eyes and a mouth.

Bread stick fingers- Using a simple bread stick recipe, create some finger shaped sticks and add a current at the end for the fingernail. Tomato sauce is a good dipping option to look like a bleeding finger.