Ever Considered Mobile Catering?

In London, and Camden in particular, you will see an array of mobile caterers, and their dishes are often referred to as ‘street foods’. You will come across Thai noodles, fish and chips, burgers, kebabs and curries among other dishes, and it’s an ideal line of business to break into for a caterer.

If you can set up shop in a busy area, you hardly have to self-promote. People will smell your foods and come to you, but you can’t price your food to high, after all it is coming from the inside of a van, in a plastic container.

Many roadside caterers have made successful family businesses, and money is there to be made at special events, such as Christmas markets, craft fairs, and exhibitions. Take your niche to the streets if you fancy a different challenge, but remember you have to be able to produce a lot of quality food fast!