Easy summer BBQ side dishes

With the weather improving across the UK, the smell of tasty BBQ’s is beginning to hit our noses. Whilst it can be easy to marinade and cook up the meat when it comes to making a good selection of side dishes to accompany it, things can seem a little tricky.

If you not entering the next best chief competition, then the best thing to do with your side dishes is to keep them simple. The most popular being a mixed leaf salad with some added cherry tomatoes, cucumber and onion, then have a few salad dressings to choose from which guests can add on themselves later.

To help guarantee your guests will be full and satisfied is by making a potato salad, simply boil up some potatoes, add your salad cream and mayonnaise and flavour with a sprinkle of chives. Along with potato salad, you may want to make a coleslaw by finely chopping up the vegetables and adding the dressing to taste.