5 Creative Replacements For Plates

The most common way to present food in the catering industry is of course on a standard plate. But, this is not overly impressive for those receiving your food, it does not wow the recipient. That is why today, we are going to share with you 5 creative replacements for plates that are guaranteed to wow!

5- Slate
A popular yet still impressive choice of replacement to a plate is a simple piece of slate! This acts in the same way as a normal plate, but it adds the wow factor due to it not being a general white plate.

4- Chopping Board
Another popular choice is a simple wooden chopping board. This has the same wow factor as the slate, due to it being impressive that you are eating off of a different material. This is slightly better than slate due to you not seeing scratch marks as easily.

3- Baskets
These can be a wire or plastic baskets. But servicing your food in baskets gives it more dimension. Is more certain to wow the person receiving your food. As this is completely different from what you would normally do at home you will not be expecting to see it.

2- Newspaper
Why not use something recyclable. Consider serving chips in a newspaper cone. Taking people back to their childhood when this is how chips would be served. Wowing your customers through the nostalgic road, bringing back their happy childhood memories. As well as helping the environment whilst you are at it.

1-Banana Leaf
Possibly the most impressive of all the alternatives is the Banana leaf. This is mainly used in south India, so why not bring it here to the UK. This works the same as a plate but will be sure to wow the recipient as it is rarely seen. The banana leaf also adds a sweet flavour to your dish.