Homemade Chicken Tikka Kebabs

I created my own simple version of this recipe the other day after watching a cooking programme, and it went down a storm. I cheated really. I bought chicken tikka paste out of the jar, and my meat came from the supermarket, not your local butchers. Once I’d cooked the chicken breast and cut it up into bite size pieces, I added onions and peppers to the hob, followed by the tikka paste. Once cooked, I placed it in naan bread and created a wrap, adding a bit of fresh salad first. Then I dashed a bit of sour cream and lemon juice on the top and that’s it. My family was quite impressed, so I’ll probably be making this one again pretty soon. Maybe next time I’ll step it...

Adding chocolate to an Indian curry

This may sound a little disgusting or potentially quite disturbing, but there are actually a number of curry recipes that include chocolate. Well, originally it would have ‘bean’ cocoa. Sorry about the pun. Cocoa beans make chocolate, and they are mainly used in curries as a sauce enhancement, helping to turn the sauce into a silky smooth substance with a vibrant, attractive colour. I’ve always found it to deepen the flavours somewhat too, especially if I use 90-100% dark chocolate. Depending on the region of the cocoa beans used in the chocolate bar, the flavour can be quite powerful, so I recommend you only ever gate a tablespoons worth, otherwise the chocolate can dominate too much and ruin the flavours of the spices. Fans of Mole Chilli will be able...

Adding cocoa to spaghetti bolognaise

100% cocoa is often mistaken for chocolate, but that’s really not the case. Cocoa, also known as Cacao, is a fruit, and there’s a lot of work involved before it becomes chocolate. From the fruit you get cocoa mass, cocoa butter and the nibs (the outer shell of the bean). These make 100% cocoa, and you should try using it as an enhancer for your favourite meals. Spaghetti bolognaise is a dish most people have mastered, and by adding a touch of cocoa the mix, you can heighten the flavours of the meat, and take your dish to the next level. We’ve used cocoa in ours for over a decade, and many people ask for our recipe. We tend to buy a bar 100% dark chocolate, and grate it into...

Cheese on toast with a Mexican twist

Cheese on toast is the ultimate breakfast, well the second ultimate breakfast after an English fry up. We like our a little hotter than most, and we’ve come up with some helpful tips to make cheese on toast with a Mexican twist. You’ll need crushed chili flakes, jalapenos, mature cheddar cheese and two slices of bread. Toast the bread first, and then cover it in grated mature cheddar cheese. Place it under the grill and as it begins to melt add your chili flakes and jalapenos. They’ll then begin to sink into the cheese, giving it the spicy kick. As the peppers cook through and soften, the cheese will begin to turn golden, and that’s when it’s time to take it out. Serve with a drizzle of tobacco and viola.

3 Guilt-Free Fruity desserts

Us Brits love a dessert, and there’s nothing better than something light and cheery with a bit of zing after a heavy meal. These three classic options below are uplifting and not too bad on the waistline, whilst they all make for a terrify summer dessert. Sorbet One that’s designed to cleanse the pallet. Sorbets can pack really natural fruity flavours, and they’re very light and easy to enjoy. Jelly Who can say no to a bit of jelly with real fruit bits after a heavy meal? Not us. You can buy sugar free jelly and include orange segments and cherries, and it’s essentially a healthier option than trifle. Lemon meringue Meringue isn’t as bad for you as some may think, and it’s a again another light treat that bursting...

Making a perfect cheeseburger

The best food can often be the most simple. That’s certainly the case with cheeseburgers and we’re going to give you some top tips. Buy quality mince. Don’t add anything to the meat other than salt and pepper. Make large patties so they’re not too thin. Cook them on a griddle and treat the burgers like a steaks. We reccomend medium. Melt the cheese on the burger when the cooking time (5 minutes or so) is coming to an end. Slice your toppings so they’re nice and thin. Always toast the bun. Coat each side in ketchup. Never forget the pickle. Serve with homemade fries So many people add egg, flour or onions to their burger mix but there really isn’t any need. If you follow our ten steps you’ll...

Christmas Pudding Alternatives

Not everybody likes the taste of Christmas pudding; it’s a bit like marmite. Half the people seem to love it, and the other half seem to despise it, so it’s always good to have alternative ideas brewing. Chocolate cake coated in a rich chocolate sauce is always going to go down a treat on Christmas day. It’s all about indulgent food, and there’s nothing more sickly and satisfying than a slice of chocolate cake. Another option is a classic trifle. Who can say not to jelly, custard and fruit? It’s jolly and easily dressed up as a festive dessert with layers of red and white! One final option is a chocolate log. Swirls of chocolate sponge and cream never seem to go down a miss, and you can always add...