3 Guilt-Free Fruity desserts

Us Brits love a dessert, and there’s nothing better than something light and cheery with a bit of zing after a heavy meal. These three classic options below are uplifting and not too bad on the waistline, whilst they all make for a terrify summer dessert. Sorbet One that’s designed to cleanse the pallet. Sorbets […]

Christmas Pudding Alternatives


Not everybody likes the taste of Christmas pudding; it’s a bit like marmite. Half the people seem to love it, and the other half seem to despise it, so it’s always good to have alternative ideas brewing. Chocolate cake coated in a rich chocolate sauce is always going to go down a treat on Christmas […]

Put down the frozen pizza!

We all know how easy it is to put a frozen pizza into the oven, waiting just 12-15 minutes for a cheese and tomato feast! We all love a little convenience and that’s fine, especially after a long day’s work, however, there are healthier options that don’t take too long to make. Why not make […]