Making your Own Pizza

Making your own pizza is one of those great things in food which leaves you with dozens of options. Any combination you can think of is good for pizza, making the whole experience of making your own quite fun, and ideal to do with friends and family. To make your own pizza, an easy shortcut […]


Pure Cocoa – Can you handle it?

Cocoa is often confused for being chocolate, but it only becomes chocolate when cocoa beans are roasted and conched with sugar. Eating pure cocoa is not the same as easting chocolate, and the bitterness can take some getting used to, but you can satisfy a cocoa craving with less, and it’s obviously healthier too. Eating […]


3 Easy yet Impressive Desserts

You don’t always have to buy expensive ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen to make a tasty dessert for your dinner guests. We’re going to talk you through three quick and easy puddings that never fail to impress. Sticky Toffee Pudding Most people know how to knock up a sponge mixture, and you only […]


Haggis on a Highlands Holiday

There’s a lot more to the Highlands than just mountains and lakes, and one dish many people try whilst they’re on a Scottish holiday is haggis. It’s a dish that divides opinion, mainly because it includes sheep’s pluck (heart, liver and lungs). Obviously there are oats, onions and spices too, and even though it doesn’t […]